McGuffey Lane/Aqua Dream Double CD: CD
  • McGuffey Lane/Aqua Dream Double CD: CD
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The first two McGuffey Lane albums on one CD

Track Listing
  1. People Like You
  2. Long Time Lovin' You
  3. Ain't No One (To Love You Like I Do)
  4. Let Me Take You To The Rodeo
  5. Green Country Mountains
  6. Stagecoach
  7. Music Man
  8. Breakaway
  9. Lady Autumn
  10. Stay In Love With You
  11. New Beginning
  12. It Comes From The Heart
  13. Dream About You
  14. Tennessee
  15. Don't You Think About Me (When I'm Gone)
  16. Start It All Over
  17. Fair Weather Friends
  18. Fallin' Timber
  19. Bar Of Rags: Black Mountain Rag /Tiger Rag /12th Street Rag
  20. Outlaw Rider >
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